Writing A Cover Letter

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Cover Letters


Cover letters should follow the basic format of a typical business letter and should address general issues including who you are, why you are writing, what you have to offer and how you will follow up. it is really important that you  show the reader  how you are qualified and why you should be selected to interview. Before you send your cover letter, review it thoroughly to make sure that you have covered all the key aspects and are sending a perfect cover letter to your prospective employer. 

In all cases, be sure to personalize and customize the cover letter , so, it reflects, in not so many words, background and what connects them with the jobs you are applying for. Always check spellings and grammar before finalizing a cover letter. A small spelling mistake can get your resume thrown in to a waste basket.  Do not use slangs or highly difficult uncommon words in your resume and be positive.   Good Luck  ..!!






Cover Letter

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