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Jobs available in other countries pose lot more challenges compared to the jobs in your native country. Cultural and language barriers are the biggest of the hurdles. Different countries may have different length of works days, business practices and business etiquette. Now a days safety is a huge issue as well when searching for Jobs in foreign nation. Political and social situation in the host country and the reputation of the recruiter/company offering a job should be looked at very seriously.  Before considering a job away from the native country , one should consider very seriously the following suggestions:


bullet Ask the prospective employer about the local taxes, cost of living etc. Salary package offered might look big on surface but when you consider taxes, cost of living etc. in the host country , you might be in for a shock.  
bullet Do a thorough check on the recruiter and the prospective company through better business bureaus and by calling the embassy respectively,  before accepting the offer.
bullet Have the contract looked at by an attorney before you rush in to sign it.
bullet Ask your prospective employers to give you local contacts, who are either currently working for the company or have worked for them in the past. 
bullet Be weary of recruiters who charge money to get you employment abroad. 
bullet Know the political and social situation in the host country before you accept the job.
bullet Know the local culture and customs of the host country before jumping into the boat.
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